COVID-19 Guidelines and Policy

COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy

We have made adaptations to how we operate our practice. 

We follow best practice advice and guidance from Public Health England, the World Health Organisation and the Centre for Disease Control (USA) in respect of health and social care practice in the current COVID-19 environment.

Before you attend:

If you have any flu symptoms, are recovering from COVID-19, have a member of your family or work colleagues who are unwell, or you live with someone vulnerable, we may need to postpone your appointment. If we cannot see you at this time we can usually assist you with a multitude of helpful tips and online exercise videos.

At the clinic:

If you have an appointment confirmed to attend, it will be scheduled at a time to minimise the likelihood of meeting another patient in the building. 

  • Please arrive on time
  • You may park on the driveway if coming by car. 
  • If early, please wait in your car or on the porch.  Please don't come into the waiting area earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment - ideally just on time is best.
  • Cycles can be padlocked to the handles by the front door.  Please don't ask to bring bikes or scooters into the hallway of the clinic. The padlock area is well off the footpath and CCTV monitors the area.
  • Ring the bell, it's sanitised between clients - use your elbow if preferred. We will answer the door and endeavour to take you directly to your treatment room without having to wait.
  • Sanitise your hands at the door. Gel is provided.
  • Where possible, please use the bathroom before attending the clinic to reduce contact areas and additional cleaning between clients.
  • Masks are compulsory, if you do not have a mask we will provide you with one (at cost) to protect yourself, the practitioner and other patients. If you cannot wear a mask you will need to discuss this with us prior to attending.

    In the therapy room:

    • The room will look rather sparse.

    • The whole clinic has wash down rubber flooring with no carpets or soft furnishings. This makes it easier to sanitise.

    • Paper couch roll and pillow case covers (over wipe down sanitised pillows) and towels are changed at every treatment.

    • The room is aired between patients. Weather permitting, you can ask to have the doors open to the courtyard garden throughout your treatment.

    • Once in the room, the practitioner will wash their hands, apply their  gloves in front of you. They will already be wearing a mask.

    • Pillows (wipe down with covers), the couch, couch levers, chairs, handles and switches  are pre-sanitised, but we can easily re sanitise them again at your request.

    • After treatment, the practitioner will remove their gloves whilst you dress. You will probably leave the room together, so the therapist touches the handles for you - but we can leave you to undress and dress alone if you prefer.

    • The practitioner takes you to reception, where you can make contactless payment, or use the sanitised card machine. You can choose to pay online prior to your visit. 

    • Once in reception, your therapist will end the consultation promptly in order that you leave the clinic before the next patient arrives. This allows us plenty of time to sanitise the clinic between clients.

    • If you have questions about your treatment, ideally,  please try to ask them when in the treatment room.

    • We show you out of the clinic and open the door for you. You can sanitise your hands again on leaving.


    • Please try to avoid bringing bags, shopping, extra coats, jackets to the clinic. Wear clothes that are easily removed for treatment and avoid wearing jewellery such as necklaces and bracelets (if possible). We can give you a bag to put all your jewellery in if needed. We will ask you to only bring your handbag/ valuables into the treatment room. Other bags can be left safely in the hallway. 

    • If you are bringing a baby or toddler for treatment, please bring their own toys and muslin cloths for amusement and for a baby to lie on. We cannot provide toys or books for children.